Article Submission

The article should normally consist of the following format:

Article title page :

Title page should consist of Article title, Author(s) name with designation and full affiliation including address (es) of establishment(s) where the work has been carried out.

An Abstract :

This section displays the objective of article and also outlines the results and conclusions and elucidates the significance of the results (Note that no references should be cited in the abstract) Hence minute amount of plagiarism in abstract will not be tolerated.

Keywords :

There should be atleast 3-5 relevant keywords that best describes your articles.

Email :

You are required to provide Email address of all the authors but Email of corresponding Author is mandatory.

Text :

It should contain Introduction, Materials and Methods, Literature review,

Results, Discussion, and Conclusion Figures and Tables:

All the Figures and Tables are to be numbered and should be suitably cited in the text at their appropriate description

References :

The references in the paper should be cited according to the Vancouver/Numbered style. Reference citation should be always in square brackets and before the punctuation. The references should be arranged in proper numeral sequence.