Clinical &  
 Field Experience 


To integrate classroom theoretical learning in to meaningful practice, the college utilizes the best specialty and super specialty government, autonomous and private hospitals in Bangalore city for observing and practicing the Nursing Arts and Sciences that are learned in the laboratory/classroom under the guidance and Supervision of expert faculty. Students are also posted to the Rural and Urban community, in gaining knowledge regarding promotive, curative and rehabilitative health services available in the community. And they coordinate with other health team agency, providing opportunities for conducting the Bed side presentation, Demonstrations, Nursing rounds, Nursing care plans and Health educations. Students are also taken on visits to other advanced institutions, to orient them to have advance technology in the field of professional Nursing in the current perspective.


The college has well equipped and spacious laboratories, viz. Fundamentals of Nursing lab, Nutrition lab, Community Health Nursing labs, MCH Lab, Anatomy and Physiology lab and Audio Visual lab, Biochemistry and Microbiology lab.

The R.V.College of Nursing Offers:

  • Rotation with clinical exposure
  • Provides opportunities to attend to both inpatients and outpatients
  • Students will attend one hundred to two hundred patients per month with all forms of disorders
  • Students learn to manage surgical and medical, gynaecological and obstetric cases and often are involved in the management of complex cases.
  • Learning would be more effective and efficient as ward/ bed side teaching programme is followed by problem solving approach.
  • Provides opportunities to attend urban and rural community health services.