Medical Surgical Nursing

  • The Department of Medical Surgical Nursing provides courses related to adult nursing as well as advanced nursing practice within the framework of the curriculum of R.V College of Nursing and the Indian Nursing council (INC).
  • The department provides student centred teaching and learning in conducive atmosphere for hands on experience that helps the students to gain confidence in their nursing knowledge, skills and attitudinal practice. The faculty of the department focuses on the students’ knowledge, skills and altitudinal acquisition to meet the demands of changing patient demographics, disease severity and complexities in health care technologies.
  • The family members and their concerns are equally looked at when it comes to caring for patients in the critical care unit. Scope of practice in medical surgical nursing is evidence based in terms of procedural aspects and also the patient care. The subject is well thought and put across in second and third year B.Sc. nursing to cover the entire health system concerns logically. Critical procedures in patient care are trained through simulated patients so as to gain expertise and confidence in the students and thereby practice in the clinical areas. The course offers opportunity for students to learn adult health problems including geriatrics so as to equip with the understanding of providing comprehensive care.

Fundamental of Nursing

  • The Department of Fundamentals of Nursing trains BSc Nursing students in the development of clinical bedside skills. Undergraduate students are equipped to provide comprehensive nursing care to patients in pre-clinical laboratory before they are exposed to real hospital situations. The main aim of the department is to mould the beginners with the right attitude towards the nursing profession. We provide a perfect base for first year BSc students through quality education. Apart from their academic commitments the department conducts various outreach programmes.