Student Welfare Committee    


It is a completely confidential committee devoted for supporting the emotional well-being of the students. We comply with the policies set up by the college to facilitate a positive academic environment to the students & help them to proceed in their career with minimal obstruction. Our role is to create, facilitate and develop inspiration filled platforms where students can explore their highest form of individual expression. We believe the only way such an exploration is possible is when our students receive the highest form of comfort and welfare through their academic journey. As a way of creating endless memories, the department of student welfare organizes student centered events, which explore the essence of all round development of students. By growing with us, numerous students shape their dreams into reality. 

Sl.NoNameDesignationPosition in the committee
Dr S R Gajendra SinghPrincipalChairperson
Mr Chetan Kumar M RAssoc. ProfessorMember
Mr. Pramod G VI year B.Sc NursingMember
Ms. Diya DevassyI year B.Sc NursingMember
Mr Chetan HiremathII  year B.Sc NursingMember
Ms Jeba AnushyaII  year B.Sc NursingMember
Ms Preethi G KIII year B.Sc NursingMember
Mr Jestin III year B.Sc NursingMember
Ms ZeenathIV year B.Sc NursingMember
Mr ArmanIV year B.Sc NursingMember
Mrs Deurupa AdhikariI year M.Sc NursingMember
Mrs Anita Rani A LII year M.Sc NursingMember